About Us

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Since its establishment in 1968, the firm has dedicated itself to professional excellence. The firm serves a wide variety of insurance, institutional, corporate, governmental and individual clients. The firm focuses its practice on all aspects of civil litigation and appellate advocacy.

The firm vigorously and aggressively represents clients in all courts, both state and federal. State of the art computerized legal research and in house computer network systems allow the firm to take advantage of today’s technology, saving both time and expense for our clients. The firm has on-line docket communication with federal and state clerks’ offices and has the capabilities for establishing Internet links as needed to facilitate effective handling of litigation. The firm also has a staff of experienced paralegals and legal assistants to work with the attorneys in the investigation and preparation of cases for trial. Successful defense begins long before the civil complaint is filed, and the firm is always available for consultation and coordination of successful defense strategies in those important days before litigation is actually initiated.

Selection of effective legal counsel is the single most important element of a successful litigation strategy. Hilyard, Bogan & Palmer, P.A. is absolutely committed to dynamic, vigorous, professional defense of each client’s best interests and legal rights. We are completely dedicated to unparalleled trial advocacy in the greatest tradition of our noble profession.